Kids – You can make money by selling SERVICES!


Make Money with a Gift Wrapping Service . Even though this is generally a seasonal job, it can be very rewarding while it lasts. In fact it can provide replacement income in addition to other projects that you have going during other ties of the year that might slow down during the winter months. This is another endeavor where the number one rule for success is location. If at al possible, your best option would be to set up your business in a mall setting or in a group of stores with substantial foot traffic. You will need to advertise this service as not only a time-saver, but also to assist people. When people shop for others, especially children, the biggest concern is getting the items home before they are discovered. By wrapping them before they leave the store their secrets are safe and you have provided that service to them at a convenient time.

In order for this to be a success, you will need to have exposure. If you can set up in a mall, ask retailers if they would display handouts of your service next to their registers. Patrons can pay for their orders and immediately take them to you for wrapping. To entice shop owners to participate, offer them a discount of 50 percent, or more, for allowing you to use their shop for advertising purposes. Shopping in bulk or in discount settings can easily help you to round up materials. You can find packages of different size wrapping boxes in retail stores, as well as great deals on tape. Wrapping paper can be found in dollar stores everywhere. If you have a really successful business this year and you are interested in repeating it next year the best thing to do is to purchase paper in bulk right after Christmas when everything is drastically reduced to make room for new merchandise. Then simply store it until fall when you are ready to begin again.

Make Money Pet Sitting


Here is an opportunity that can be advertised a number of ways. This is not simply a business of watching dogs but caring for them at specific times. You can go as deep into this area as you feel comfortable. The first way to work this is to provide walking services for dogs while their owners are at work. It is hard to imagine that some animals can make it through the day without going outside so it is helping them as well as the owners. Another way to capitalize on this business is to provide your services for vacation coverage. This eliminates a lot of different problems for animal owners. It avoids the problem of having to locate a kennel, sometimes at the last minute, to house their animal. It also lets the animal remain in their familiar surroundings.

Owners will appreciate the fact that they know exactly who is caring for their pets, too. You could even offer a free brushing every time you walk their dog. This will only take a few extra minutes, but it is worth a fortune to clients. Plus, showing some initiative impresses people. If you are really ambitious then you could even venture into washing dogs. This is something that many owners never get around to doing, or they let it go too long between baths. The great thing about this business is that vacation sitting can mean any kind of animal, including hamsters, birds, fish, turtles, etc. It can cover animals that could not otherwise be kenneled. As a bonus you can offer additional services such as watering plants or bringing in the mail- at an extra charge, of course. After all, convenience comes at a price.

Make Money Dog Walking


This is somewhat covered in the last topic, but this is a slightly different twist on the same concept. Now, we are talking about walking dogs while the owners are at home. Many owners have dogs that need to be walked, but the owners simply do not have the time, or sometimes even the desire, to walk them as they should be walked. You can agree to come by on a daily basis at specified times to take their animal out for a certain number of minutes. You could charge x amount for 15 minutes and x amount for 25 minutes. This could also be a huge advantage for those individuals who may be disabled, elderly, or temporarily housebound due to injury. This will help them out as well as giving the dog what they desperately need.

Make Money Recycling Old Cell Phones


Think of all those old phones people have collecting dust!   Start a collection and recycle these phone for cash.  Simply box up one or more cell phones and send them here for money.

Make Money by Cleaning Out/Planting Flowers


Homeowners love fresh flowers in their yard, but often don’t have time to plant or maintain them. Cleaning out old flowers from the previous year and planting new ones is a great way to help them and to bring color to the neighborhood. If they need for you to pick up the flowers then you can now add on a small delivery charge. Besides the convenience, some people do not own cars that they would feel comfortable hauling potting soil and plant around in. There are several ways of pricing these jobs. You can charge for removal only, for planting only or for both. Plus, you can charge according to how large the area is, or a certain price for up to a certain number of square feet of plant bed.

Make Money by Ghost Writing


In the age of the Internet there is always going to be someone who needs something written, whether it is an article of a story. People who market online need content in order to sell their merchandise, but they usually either don’t have the time to write, they don’t know how to write effectively, or both. This is where you come in. By posting your services online you will no doubt find customers. It could be for a one-time basis or it could turn into a repeat customer. A popular niche is people who are looking for writers to produce E-books. They provide an outline and you fill in the content. There are even jobs for those who need a ghostwriter for a small book or a pamphlet. It could even lead to designing things for their business. The best thing about this job is that you can work on your schedule. You will have a deadline, but the writing can be done anytime- day or night. This will ensure that ti doesn’t interfere with school or studying. Articles are probably the most common writing jobs and can pay by the article or by the word. You will have to prove yourself fist, but once you receive some recognition, and positive feedback, your name will be out there for hire. There are numerous forums where you can go and apply for jobs. Searching online will reveal plenty of areas to apply. Almost everyone pays through PayPal so your funds are secure after you provide the work.

Make Money Setting up Electronics


This is only for those who are mechanically inclined. If you do not have a technical mindset then it won’t be the area for you. People often need electronics moved and don’t have the time or ability to relocate them. You could focus on not only setting up but also programming them and adding them to other components they might already have in place. This area can employ you throughout the year, but a vast majority of work will come right after Christmas, when people have received electronics as gifts. Your main goal is to hook up TVs, DVD players, surround sound and any other new equipment that people receive. Of course, you can determine whether or not you feel comfortable working with a unit before you commit.

Make Money with Computer Setup


This goes along the same lines of the last section, but is strictly devoted to computers. Again, people get computers throughout the year, but a majority of them are received at Christmas. Younger people will know how to install them but there are plenty of other people who do not have the experience or feel comfortable tackling this job. Setting up a computer can include hooking it up and initializing the programs. There will be specifics that they need accomplished which could even include setting up email, PayPal accounts, or even specific software. This business will be especially valuable to older adults who are new to the computer age. It could even be as simple as relocating a computer from one room to another or breaking it down and setup in order to replace the desk that it is located on.

Make Money Blogging


This is a huge business with people looking for help constantly. This heading can also include filling out surveys, too, which is a huge business. Either one of these areas is an area with an almost endless supply of customers that need your help. They don’t have time to accomplish what they need and they also need outside people to participate. Payment is usually based on the amount of work that you perform so the more you work, the more you make. You can find plenty of opportunities online so it is just a matter of doing a little research and scan through the ones you find until you locate some that you are most comfortable with.

Make Money by Marketing/Running Garage Sales


Everyone has too much junk in their homes and would love to clean some of it out. The problem is that most people find the idea of putting a garage sale together and running it about as appealing as watching grass grow. They know that they need to have one, but they put it off because all the work just isn’t high on their list of priorities. Your business could be to organize and work the garage sale for them. They will need to price items since you want them to feel comfortable with the amount it sells for. Your job could even include cleaning out the garage to host the sale. An extra service could be marketing the sale, if they want to hand over this part of the chore. Some folks will want to give you the whole project and not have to worry with it. Your payment could either be based on a percentage of the sales or you could simply charge a flat rate per hour. The one you choose would be determined by how much stuff they have to peddle. If there were only a small amount of goods then it would be worth more for you to go with an hourly rate. As an extra charge, you could even offer to haul off the leftovers to be donated.

Make Money Cleaning Out Attics and Garages


This is another area that people always need taken care of, but never actually devotes the time to doing it. This could go along with the last point because once a customer sees how much stuff they have accumulated they will more than likely need to have a garage sale to downsize. In essence, you could be hired for cleaning out a room AND hosting a garage sale. Your only way to charge for this job is by the hour so make your work count. You will want to know ahead of time what they want accomplished whether it is straightening up and organizing or cleaning only. If it is a room that is rarely used then they might have plans to turn it into a functional area and just need everything removed so make the appropriate room for what will be placed in it. This is a good way to lead customers into the next business.


Make Money Helping Hands


You can provide a valuable service by simply helping out those who need assistance. There are many opportunities to assist others in everyday chores, running errands, or just helping out with special projects. The elderly and housebound individuals will especially have a need for your help. Someone who has been injured and is temporarily immobilized can hire you to do light cleaning, laundry or maybe even light cooking. Talk to parents first before you start entering private residences to make sure they are okay with it. The best way to charge for this is by the hour. You could even have a recurring schedule on a weekly basis. You could also hire out for special projects that require an extra set of hands. For instance, putting up a fence, building a deck or hanging decorations during the holidays. Having someone else to assist will make the job go much faster and will greatly reduce errors. Plus, customers will appreciate the fact that you finished the job early.

Make Money Car Washing


People love their cars and go to great lengths to take care of them. But even though many car owners have good intentions of taking care of their automobiles, life has a way of limiting when they can do this. Lets face it, its not always a very high priority. But that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t love to hire someone else to take care of it for them. Washing cars utilizes a small amount of supplies so there is very little to provide except labor. Make arrangements to have the cars parked in the driveway ahead of time if it is an extra car and the owner won’t be home. Then it can be cleaned and ready for them when they return. If it is the car they drive make an appointment for when it will be home. You could also charge extra for detailing the inside. But be careful in this area. Some interiors require certain cleaners and methods of cleaning in order to achieve optimum results. The beauty in this is that you can literally go from house to house and do as many cars as you can line up as customers. There is even the opportunity to place them on a recurring schedule.

Make Money Tutoring


Here is an area for academic excellence and a time to pass on some of your knowledge and experience. After all, you have already gone through it so you know what to expect and how to get the message across. If you have a specific area that you excel in then you can make money helping other students that might need a little assistance with this subject. In fact, the more subjects you excel in the more services you can offer help with. Parents always want the best for their children, but often simply don’t have the time to fully devote to helping them with studying. And some kids just need a little more instruction than others. Lets face it, everyone learns differently. And your work may very well be guaranteed throughout the year. Most of the time, students learn much easier and quicker when they are being helped one-on-one instead of in a classroom setting. Once word gets around, you can quickly build quite a customer base. And you can tailor your tutoring business around your schedule- to a degree. Charging by the hour is the best method of payment and is easier to keep track of. If the student needs help with multiple subjects give a discount on the extra subject. The discounted amount will be paid back in travel time that you would have used to go to a different client.

Make Money being a Professional Organizer


Homeowners typically have at last one area of their house that they wish were user-friendly. For some people, there may be more than one area. If organization is a natural talent of yours you can assist others that weren’t born with this unique gift and make money at the same time. You can take this as complex or as simple as you feel comfortable. Your job could be as small as organizing a pantry by discarding all expired foods and arranging all foods into categories and labeling the sections. Or you could go as far as rearranging an entire room for more practical usage. You might even be hired to clean and organize such a large project as a garage. There really is no limit to what you could do. This is definitely a job where it is best to charge by the hour. As long as you are making progress people don’t mind paying for the labor.

Make Money Offering Mailbox Services


This can be a fun area where you can tap into your creative side. And its something that can be worked all year round. The object here is to find homes with old, deteriorating mailboxes and offer your services to not only replace it, but to customize it to their liking. If you are especially good at crafts then you can incorporate it into this venture. Mailboxes are inexpensive, starting out at around $10 for a basic black model. But you can charge for the convenience of installing it. For wooden posts it might even be time to replace the entire post, too. While they are at it they can personalize it to their taste. Maybe the lady of the house is into flowers and would appreciate having her favorite flowers painted on the side. Or a man may want an emblem of their favorite college or professional sports team. You can even go as basic as painting their name in calligraphy on the side or using peel and stick letters. There are several ways that you can do this and driving around the area to spot old mailboxes will give you an idea of where your potential customers are.

Make Money Babysitting


An old favorite, this one doesn’t require much explanation. Referrals and word of mouth are probably the only marketing you will need to do to build a strong customer base. Parents are always looking for responsible young people to watch their kids while they go out. Responsible being the key word here. Remember to remain a professional: one situation where there is an awkward scene and it will undo a tremendous amount of your effort. This has to be taken very seriously since you are being entrusted with someone’s children. Doing a little extra to prepare will help you convince people to try your services. One thing in particular is to become certified in CPR or first aid. This will help assure parents that you are better equipped to handle a situation. You might have to start with neighbors or close friends and use their testimonials for referrals. You can even have a plain website where people can go online and see how professional you are. Once you prove yourself to a stranger they will go out of their way to tell their friends. Before long your business will be booming.

No matter what you choose to do just remember a few simple rules to run your business by:


  • Work smart- not hard.
  • Always do your best work.
  • People respond better to a smiling face.
  • Always do more than is expected.
  • Never promise more than you can deliver.
  • Make sure the customer is happy.
  • Be on time.
  • Ask for referrals.
  • Thank customers for their business!


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