Are Eye Bags Hereditary?

Are Eye Bags Hereditary?

Q: Are Eye Bags Hereditary?

A: When it comes to aging, almost everything is hereditary to at least some degree. Whether it’s wrinkles or just changing skin due to age, most of these things are something you have your parents to thank for. But are eye bags hereditary too?

The Answer? Yes and No

You probably hoping for a more clear cut answer, but the truth of the matter is that sometimes eye bags are caused by hereditary reasons, sometimes they’re due to lifestyle, but usually it’s a combination of both.

Yes – When Eye Bags Are Caused By Hereditary

For most people, indeed heredity has a lot to do with their formation. As we age the skin on our face (and entire body for that matter) becomes thinner. When skin is thinner, it reveals the underlying structures more clearly. Combine that with the pull of gravity over the years, and the muscle and other tissue can sag and come together in what we unofficially have deemed eye bags.To make matters worse, we also lose facial fat as we age. When there is less fat directly under our eyes and less on our cheeks, it can make our bags appear even more prominent.

No – When Eye Bags Are Caused By Lifestyle

There are quite a few things we do that can perpetuate the formation of eye bags. Many of them are obvious and you can probably guess them – partying, lack of sleep, overworking yourself, unhealthy eating, etc. These are all common sense things that not only make our eyes look awful, but also our bodies. Not to mention, they mentally impact our performance daily when we are living this way.

What You Can Do

  • Whether or not eye bags are hereditary for you, there’s one thing you should do either way, and that is to get plenty of sleep. Even if that won’t prevent them outright, it’s likely that it will at least slow down and postpone them. Or if you already have them, it should help slow them down from getting worse.
  • But if you want to know hot to get rid of bags under eyes that are already there, then that depends on the severity of them and their causes. When genetics is at play and you are doing everything in your power to not get them, then you unfortunately may have to go under the knife if they are really bad. The good news is that eye bag surgery is an effective solution.
  • If they’re not that bad, then you may want to first try using a good eye bag treatment. Either way, don’t beat yourself up for getting them because you’re not entirely at fault. Instead of dwelling on that, focus on taking action to correct the problem instead.

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